Prepare For A Book Reading At The Bookstore That You Manage

If you are in charge of orchestrating a book reading that will be held at the bookstore that you manage, providing a comfortable seating area for the guest of honor and attendees can make a huge difference in how well the event is received by everyone. Use the strategies below to get ready for the reading. 

Set Up Chairs And Add Lighting

Use folding chairs to create rows in the back part of the bookstore. Place plenty of space between the rows so that people of all sizes won't have difficulty moving through the rows while they are attempting to locate an empty seat. Place a chair on the opposite side of the seating area and face it toward the rows. Add floor lamps next to the seat that the author will be sitting in.

Provide Coffee And Snacks

Purchase a Keurig coffee maker and some Keurig pods. Choose flavored coffees, as well as a traditional blend that is caffeinated and decaffeinated. Keurig pods will make it easy to brew perfect pots of coffee, and you will not need to worry about messy coffee grounds spilling on surfaces in the bookstore.

Prepare several pots of coffee prior to the book reading. Pour the brewed pots into thermal carafes. Buy paper cups, lids, and straws. Prepare or purchase some donuts and cookies. Place the snacks next to the carafes. As guests filter into the bookstore on the day of the reading, welcome them to the event and encourage them to help themselves to cups of coffee and snacks before sitting down. 

Prepare An Area For The Author To Meet Attendees

Place a table along the side of one of the walls in the bookstore. Hang posters above the table that announce the impending book reading event. When customers come into the bookstore, they may be persuaded to pick up a copy of the book that is going to be read so that they will know a little bit about the author and their writing style prior to the event.

After the book reading, ask the author if they would be willing to sit in a chair that is next to the table and meet some of the people who attended the reading. During this time, the author can answer questions if they wish and can autograph copies of the book that they wrote. The publicity will help promote book sales and may encourage the author to read another one of their books during a future event at the bookstore. 

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